Monday, September 9, 2019

Wikipedia Trails: From Bhakti Movement to The History of India

Start: Bhakti Movement

Picking up where I left off last week with the Bhakti Movement, I was still interested to learn how many communities it impacted. Some cool things I learned while reading about the movement are that it really helped women and "Untouchables" get a path to spiritual salvation. This would've been a huge thing in medieval times.

Next: Untouchability

After reading about the untouchable community in the previous post, I wanted to get some more information about that. It's essentially the idea of ostracizing a group of people. The Wikipedia page even compares it to slavery in the United States, though it is a less violent and harsh idea.

Next: Historical Vedic Religion

The untouchables article said that upper castes in this religion started the touchable caste because they were angry they changed religions to follow the Buddha, so I figured I should learn a little more about it. The religion is said to be an older type of Hinduism and one of the religions that lead to Hinduism,.

Last: History of India

The last place I ended was the History of India. I can't really sum it up in a few sentences but the reason I chose to go here is to learn a little more about the History of India and also because I think it'll be a good starting point for next weeks Wikipedia page because I'll be able to go so many places.

Image from History of India Wikipedia Page

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